Cassandra (cassandra_s_o_t) wrote,


*entering main audience chamber, where the festivities for the wedding are being held*

I can't believe my brother is married! Hector and Andromache, my parents...they all look so happy now!

I'm going to go get some wine now...
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*giggles* I'm right there with you on the wine, sister dear!
*inching over to the wine*
Who is that prince over that that prince from Phrygia?

He's a handsome one, hmmm?

*sigh* I hope that isn't his wife....
Goodness, no, not married! If that is Coroebus of Phrygia...

I've never met him, but those certainly are Phrygian garment he's wearing...

Apparently, he asked father for my hand...
Hee! Go up and talk to him, Cassie! Here, hitch open your robe a little....
*looks nervous, then smiles*

Well, a little flirting can't hurt.

*follows Pol's advice and 'hitches open' robe*

Er, well...let's get some wine first. And come with me, please! I'm nervous!

Oh, not to worry, you look fantastic!

*follows Cass over to the wine jugs*
*takes a hefty swig of wine, and swaggers in the young man's direction*