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*looks up*
*covers eyes with arm*

Eek! The light, it burns!

Wow, I can't believe it's morning. I feel surprisingly well-rested, considering how much wine I drank last night, and what with getting up in the middle of the night to speak with Hector.

*throws sheets from the bed, and sits up with a star*

Good gods! Hector is getting married today! *shakes self awake* THat's why I'm in the palace, and not the temple.

Hmmm...I hope Hector has spoken to Aeneas...don't really want things to be too awkward today.

*jumps out of bed*
My goodness...I can't believe Hector and Andromache are getting married today. I'm so excited!

Well, I have to go get dressed now. I wonder if my sisters are up yet.
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