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I have had the most awful nightmare. I believe it is a sending from Athena, a warning that I should not give myself to Apollo. I had been wavering between whether to let him have me or not, for I have always wanted the gift of prophesy. Now, however, I know that I cannot ever yield to Apollo. As has been repeated many times, Athena is fiercely loyal to those who are faithful to her, but twice as cruel to those who betray her.

And she most certainly knows that Apollo has been trying to break my vows to her.

I dreamt that I was lying on her altar, as if to sacrifice myself. Suddenly, her owls swooped down upon men, and started pecking at me, digging their sharp beaks into my flesh in every part of my body. I screamed, crying out to Athena for help, but instead I heard an aethereal woman's voice (that could only have been hers) shouting, "Traitor! Traitor! Traitor!"

And then I woke up to a knocking on my door. I was drenched with my own sweat, afraid of what I had dreamt, but relieved that it was not real. As I rose from bed to open the door, I reminded myself that the Sending was a vision of what may be, not what will be. Apollo has tought me this much about prophetic dreams and Sendings....

I opened my door to be greeted by Captain Penthesilea, whom I have not seen in quite some time. Realizing that it was not very late, I bade her 'good evening' and asked her why she had sought me out.
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